Medical Image Analysis Software, its Uses, and it’s Market

Medical imaging is a fast-growing area in healthcare and its market is responding the same way. For obvious reasons, to run the medical imaging machines, some software is needed. There are different types of medical...

4 Leading Trends in Medical Diagnostic Imaging

Medical Diagnostic Imaging is a non-evasive early disease detection technology that is used by physicians to take a look at their patients’ bodies to find the cause of the illness or injury....

How Digital PHI Is Being Compromised by Human Error

You might have upgraded to the cloud solution and using DICOM software instead of an on-site, local solution. It’s great news. But, it doesn’t suggest that you have nothing to be cautious...

What Are the Differences Between Horos and OsiriX

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How to Improve Patient Centered Care?

The welfare of patients should be the hospital’s number one priority at all times. Here are some ways healthcare professionals can improve patient centered care. 1. Having a Good Staff

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Considerable RIS/PACS Features to Increase Revenue

There are decreasing insurance compensations and the ever-increasing costs of operation. So, things are getting more difficult to make a profit from the practices of medical imaging. This is why you don’t have a way...

Password Recovery Tools for Windows, Word Etc.

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How to Improve Your Hospital’s Reputation?

1. Enhance Patient Experience Reputation of any organization let it be of any industry depends mainly on what customers think about it and tell their friends about it. So basically...